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A corpse and an apparition.
I've got a severe issue, my friend,
If you've got some time to spend,
for it's a delicate matter to tend!
Well it started, you see,
With a lovely banshee,
Trailing and wailing behind me.
It wasn't my death she was warning,
Thank heavens!
Instead it was a lady in mourning.
She was weeping and crying,
Singing and sighing,
As the banshee foresaw she was dying.
By the time I reached the mistress,
She was in far too much distress,
I took some care not to depress,
As to what ailed her, I could only guess.
Her soul slipped gracefully away,
But left a pretty corpse to stay,
Though her skin was turning grey,
Smitten I was, I'm afraid to say.
So it was, in the pale moonlight,
My lover's eye had set its sight,
Though, in the shadows drifted a fright,
a ghostly girl in the dark of night.
She too possessed a beauty refined,
To not see her fairness, I'd have to be blind,
Though I favored my maiden, I sought to be kind,
And offered her some peace of mind.
"Lovely lass, you've lost your course,
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Satan's Greed
"Pray for it again,"
Said my demon friend,
As he bared his hand towards me to lend,
A help to meet my bitter end,
Into Hell far from Heaven,
where I had hoped to ascend.
"Don't worry my pet,
For your life's not done yet,
There's a thousand fires and more to set,
If you'll only not worry, my pet."
So I shut my mouth and closed my eyes,
And left my soul to the Devil's lies.
This demon stayed right by side,
While we caught up with Satan's stride.
He glanced at me with a passing huff,
And said, "I don't think she's got the stuff."
The demon waved his clawed little hands,
And said with a squeak, "She'll do fine with the fans."
Satan grimaced and peered again,
Raising one eyebrow and saying with a grin,
"Fine, see how many she can help sin."
So they sewed two demon wings to my back,
and  gave me a considerably larger rack.
As I wondered what this was about,
My demon companion spun me around,
And raised his arms high up to shout,
"She's definitely ready to make the trip out."
So now
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Nonsense and preposterosity.
I took a look inside your dimension,
And it was strange to see only tension.
Inside your sad little world I claimed,
The life of three beasts whose fur is now stained.
From your awful planet I fled,
Holding the beasts above my head.
Outside your dimension I've chanced to crawl,
Forgetting the sound of death's screeching squall,
I carried the beasts into the hall,
The hall of living breathing Grigorgalls,
The giant people of the rocky halls.
Inside these tallest halls of stone,
I pulled the beasts up to his throne,
The meanest manliest king stood alone,
And glared down to me from the throne.
He roared and threw back his hair with might,
And expected from me a shiver of fright,
But I stood tall in the fire's light,
And roared right back with my own harsh bite.
And the king sat back with a
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Disney Ichabod Crane by TheWalrus0 Disney Ichabod Crane :iconthewalrus0:TheWalrus0 2 1
Mature content
Civilized :iconthewalrus0:TheWalrus0 0 0
Day Without Shoes by TheWalrus0 Day Without Shoes :iconthewalrus0:TheWalrus0 1 1
Mature content
Civilization :iconthewalrus0:TheWalrus0 1 5
A Lot of Less
You go up,
and I'll go down,
I'll meet you when we swing around.
Tomorrow at the dawn of night,
we'll me under the black of light,
and when we meet I'll trade with you,
another of my footless shoes.
You eat less,
and I'll eat more,
after that I'll let you see,
the skinniest part of you and me.
You take sloth,
and I'll take lust,
so no one's God will follow us.
When we wake,
into our beds,
then our master might have our heads.
:iconthewalrus0:TheWalrus0 1 0
Jealousy Makes a Monster of Me
Jealousy makes,
an envious monster of me.
They say she's green,
kind of scaly,
but she's something more inviting.
It hurts more when she stares,
through eyes shining like the sea,
hair is thick and beautiful,
she makes a monster out of me.
Slender waist and curvy hips,
voluptuous and puckered lips,
skin as uniform in color,
as constant as my jealous trips.
Every move done gracefully,
every lock of hair falls gently,
every shimmer on her body,
Jealousy makes a monster out of me.
Trailing closely,
singing lightly,
vocals rising ever slightly,
fangs come out and move to bite me,
the lingering breath is always frightening,
she makes a monster out of me.
No one left off the buffet,
ears still ringing,
claws wracking on the cage,
Jealously is always bringing,
victims for my jealous rage.
Her laughter chimes,
a siren's song,
her dreams are lost,
but her nightmare is long.
She is always pretty,
and her beauty,
Jealousy makes a monster out of me.
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Mature content
No Other Future :iconthewalrus0:TheWalrus0 0 0
Mature content
Limitations 2 :iconthewalrus0:TheWalrus0 0 0
Mature content
Warm Welcome :iconthewalrus0:TheWalrus0 0 0
Mature content
Limitations :iconthewalrus0:TheWalrus0 2 33
You always start out faceless,
breasts and body coming first.
Pale as me sometimes,
other nights you're exotic and dark.
Your form changes every evening,
but you're always shapely,
sometimes thicker,
sometimes thinner,
always lovely.
I like your hair long,
but I've seen it short,
breathtaking always.
You look at me like you want me.
You always want me.
I create you to want me.
You're my porn star girl, I imagine you this way. Completely different from a lover, you're a fantasy. You're never corporeal, never tangible or solid. A shifting form, I can look and never touch.
It's only my own hands I feel, and I could pretend all night that it's you...
but you're only my fantasy.
Fading every night, when I turn over to dream. Leaving me alone, probably to go visit some other lonely soul as they touch themselves to sleep.
You're only my fleeting fantasy.
:iconthewalrus0:TheWalrus0 0 0
From Beneath You
"What do you suppose the redbloods are doing about the Happening?" The young boy asked his mother as she sat by the vanity, combing her long auburn hair. "Well I don't know. And why ask about the redbloods instead of the icebloods or waterbloods?" she responded, glancing to her son curiously. He shrugged, grinning at her before answering simply, "The firebreathers are the fiercest!" He hopped of the edge of her bed and ran over to her, little teeth bared, tiny hands pretending to be claws. She laughed, picking up the hyper little monster and setting him on her lap.
"They might be fierce warriors, but the icebloods have great knowledge and the waterbloods have undeniable courage! I think they are all trying something different, but I don't suppose any one of the elements will do much good on its own. Nature doesn't allow one to be better than the other, all things need a balance." Her son was young, but she knew she needed to instill some of the quickly fading values of their world. The
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Dancing in the dark. by TheWalrus0 Dancing in the dark. :iconthewalrus0:TheWalrus0 1 0

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United States
I used to be an addict, I'm still struggling.
I'm nineteen and I live in Alaska, always have.
I'm overweight, I'd rather not be. I'm trying to change.
I enjoy all things about reading and writing, and talking about reading and writing.
I don't think you have to love Shakespeare to be intelligent, and I'm tired of people putting so much value on it.
I completed school of cosmetology, and I realized that I would rather not be responsible for people's hair. They usually don't take my advice, or they expect me to work miracles. I also don't like trying to keep the conversation going, particularly if they are especially dull.
I don't know what I want to do with my life, but I imagine it will be something to do with the written word. I would like to teach maybe, and write in my spare time.
The future is a mystery, and who knows where I'll end up?

Current Residence: Alaska
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite style of art: A variety.
Favourite cartoon character: Philip J Fry
Personal Quote: "Fortunes favors the bold."
I've got an idea for a short story, and it's just rolling around in my head, the essence of what I want to portray is there, but I just can't for the life of me get the story to shape in my head.

Rrrrargh. >.<



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